Rethinking Engineering with A.I.

We create intelligent software
to leverage the power of data and
free engineers from repetitive tasks

Our Mission

Engineers spend a vast amount of time working on repetitive and often demotivating tasks - preventing them from being innovative. Unetiq empowers your organisation to focus on solving the problems of tomorrow by automating the tasks of today. With a diverse team of engineers and data scientists we accelerate your business by providing intelligent solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Expertise

Evolutionary Computation

Automate design processes and optimise products through the creativity of evolutionary algorithms.

Machine Learning

Discover new opportunities and solve business problems with custom built machine learning solutions.

Data Analytics

Exploit the full potential of your data to derive new insights and improve your decision making.

What Our Clients Say

"Unetiq has proven to be a reliable software agency for intelligent enterprise applications. Their team of innovative minds is never short of great ideas on how to improve and automate tasks. They implemented a smart project management platform that we use across major offices and construction sites worldwide."

Hajo Müller-Bornemann Senior Manager, Linde AG

"Unetiq really impressed us with their ability to quickly understand and solve engineering-related problems using state-of-the-art solutions. With their young team of professionals, they are driving innovation and succeeded where we failed internally in the past."

Dr. Bernd Kleinpass Head of Market Unit, Plansee SE

"It has been a pleasure working together with Unetiq’s passionate and professional team. In a highly agile environment they came up with very capable solutions. Their machine learning approach to data analytics proved to be very effective and empowered us to deliver solutions that are reliable, future-proof and trusted by our clients."

Dr.-Ing. Cristina Soaz Managing Director, Qolware GmbH
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