Our Services

We build custom fit A.I. solutions based on the latest advancements in research and therefore ensure to achieve the best possible performance for your business application. With our team of engineers and software developers we provide the necessary domain know-how to quickly understand your engineering problems and create valuable results through software.

Your Journey to Next Level Engineering

Whether you are an A.I. novice or native, start from scratch or develop your concept - we provide you with novel solutions on every step of the journey.

1. Introduction to A.I. Technologies

In a first workshop, we give you an insight to relevant A.I. technologies and highlight common use cases in your industry.

2. Identification of Opportunities

Together we identify specific opportunities that best fit your company and assess the resulting business case.

3. Problem Assessment

Analyzing the process on-site, we gain hands on insights to develop a solution concept that ensures feasibility and substantial success.

4. Agile Solution Development

We work with agile development techniques that enable us to deliver the best possible solution and allow you to take on an active role in the process.

5. Long-term Support

After development, we offer long-term support to ensure that our solution is running smoothly.

Get Inspired

The opportunities for applying A.I. in engineering are numerous, to give you an idea of what's possible we summarized a few examplary use cases below. Do you find something interesting or would like to explore your own applications?

Intelligent Design

New advancing technologies, like evolutionary algorithms, allow machines to automatically generate intelligent designs humans couldn’t think of

Automated Engineering

Use AI to automate repetitive Engineering tasks, e.g. creating bills of materials and increase the productivity of your employees

Quality Assurance

Speed up your quality control and improve your products’ quality by using AI to automatically detect defects

Demand Forecast

Optimize your logistic processes and decrease warehousing by AI generated forecasts

Project Planning

Forecast your project parameters, tasks and critical events, such as time and cost overruns

Document Sorting

Extract metadata from documents to get fast and efficient insights by crawling their content

Patent Search

Increase your productivity by automatically looking for relevant patents and trademarks powered by AI

Text Analytics

Quickly gain new insights and relevant information by using Natural Language Processing to analyze patents

Patent Drafting

Let AI support you by automatically creating patent drafts with defined rules and check for legal correctness

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