Meet Our Core Team

Our team combines longtime work experience in Software Development and IT Management with a special focus on Machine Learning and Data Analytics. We are best-in-class university graduates from TU Munich and Georgia Tech and have worked on various hightech projects for startups, large-scale enterprises and DAX corporations.

Lucas Spreiter

Lucas holds a Masters degree in Mechatronics and Information Technology from TU Munich. During his studies he researched and published on the topic of industry and process automation in distributed networks, as well as agile product development. Being a tech driven person, Lucas can look back at a long history of innovating projects, like supersonic hyperloop pods or electric racecars.

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Stefan Reuther

Stefan graduated top of his class in electrical engineering at TU Munich. He worked in IT Consulting at KPMG and gained practical experience as a software developer for Linde. Before co-founding Unetiq, he engaged in ML research at the Chair of Data Processing (TUM) and worked as a Data Scientist for the startup company Qolware.

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Amelia Glaese

After graduating with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from TU Munich, Amelia decided to deepen her knowledge in Computer Science by continuing her studies in a Master’s program at Georgia Tech. As a data scientist she researched and published on the topic of Machine Learning, where she developed a toolbox of self-adapting clustering and prediction models for business intelligence systems.

Machine Learning Engineer

Wout Kooijman

Wout graduated at the University of Amsterdam in Artificial Intelligence with a focus on Machine Learning and Data Analysis. He worked on several ML projects before he joined ING Bank in the Knowledge Engineering and Innovation team where he focused on self healing business systems and process visualization. Next to Unetiq, he is organising nationwide Computer Science conferences featuring top class experts from academia and industry.

Project Lead

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